Oxy Farms


Prior to establishing a farm and a cassava processing plant, Oxy Industries ltd obtained its supply of gari (processed cassava) for its nicely packaged Raw gari line and newly introduced gari mix line of products from small scale gari producers.


Faced with challenges of shortages, inconsistent taste, quality and price, Oxy Industries ltd leased a 120-acre land in 2019 at Gomoa Mpota for the purpose of cultivating cassava and establishing a cassava processing factory onsite or on the farm. This strategy affords us the luxury of processing fresh cassava to produce fresh gari with the ultimate aim of overcoming the challenges associated with purchasing from small scale gari producers. This pilot has been largely successful and our success story has also come with challenges.


Having experienced success with the pilot and having an increasing demand for gari both locally and for exports, Oxy Industries intends to scale up its strategy of maintaining control over it gari value chain by expanding its farmlands to 500 acres (300 acre land in Amankwakrom in the afram plains and 100 acre land in Gomoa Nkoranza in the central region). Over the next five years we plan to increase our plantation size to over 1000 acres.

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